Infinite number of combinations

The ultimate (trendy) shapewear combi
Combining Pin-Up articles is not only very trendy but particularly functional. As soon as you combine a product without lace with a product with lace, you create a super shaper! Not only is the shaper effect enhanced, but the effect of the Emana yarns is as well. The number of Biocrystals per cm3 is higher so that a faster result can be obtained.

The combinations below are only examples, dozens of combinations are possible.

With the Pin-Up collection, it has never been easier to create an everyday outfit. Regardless of whether you are looking for a trendy sport, trendy business or a sexy party outfit, countless combinations make all of this possible. Create your favourite set and ‘start feeling sexy’.

330 white plusteken  325 black  is teken  Selectie133
290 yellow plusteken 270 indigo plusteken 280 emerald is teken Selectie140
285 indigo plusteken 270 indigo plusteken 270 yellow plusteken 270 emerald is teken Untitled-1
305 white plusteken 270 white plusteken 280 pink is teken ECSF3
330 white plusteken 295 white is teken Sfeer04Kleur_vrijstaand_1