Skin improvement thanks to proper blood circulation

Sfeer16KleurDid you know that when you become 25 years old, your skin will lose an average of 1.5% collagen every year? And did you know that collagen is a protein that ensures that your skin is firm and elastic? External factors such as harmful UV radiation also age your skin. In other words, internal as well as external factors can affect the condition of your skin. How does this work exactly? And moreover, what can you do for skin improvement?

Decomposition of collagen
With time, your skin becomes older and loses volume. This is linked to the decrease in the amount of collagen. Up to the age of approximately 25 years, your skin produces enough collagen. However, your skin becomes more flaccid and wrinkles and other imperfections appear due to the decomposition of this glue-like protein substance. Moreover, as a result of the decrease in collagen, the skin also becomes more sensitive to external factors. Although skin aging or slackening is a natural process, it can cause a great deal of concern. Fortunately, various procedures for improving the skin are available that combat or even minimise the process of skin aging.

Skin improvement as a result of improved blood circulation
Do you want to improve your skin? For example, on your legs, buttocks, belly or on another part of your body? At Pin-Up Paris, you can find an extensive collection of shapewear for long-term skin improvement. The Pin-Up Paris collection is manufactured from Emana yarns. Yarns that contain unique, active biocrystals. These tiny crystals ensure that they absorb a small amount of body heat when the yarns come into contact with the skin. This heat is then converted into infrared rays, and this provides many physical benefits. Waste products and moisture are removed more easily as a result of improved blood circulation. This results in firm legs, buttocks and other parts of the body! Your skin looks radiant and feels better.

Online shapewear to combat skin aging
In addition to a softer and better looking skin, the crystals in the Emana yarns also ensure that you lose centimetres and that you fit into clothing that is one size smaller. At Pin-Up Paris, you can find comfortable and sexy shapewear, such as slimming leggings that are ideal for skin problems such as cellulite (also referred to as orange peel skin). Order the underwear online and view the extensive range of shapewear in different colours, shapes and sizes. Do you want to know more? Then contact us.