Sportswear from Pin-Up: slimming, beautiful and comfortable


Sports outfit pink black Comfortable, breathable, aerodynamic… Sportswear available in all types and sizes. The Pin Up-collection consists of various garments that are extremely suitable for use as sportswear, such as figure-enhancing tops, pants and shapewear that quickly achieve a slimming effect. Whoever thinks that shapewear is only worn under clothing is completely wrong!

Antibacterial sportswear
Pin-Up Paris has various shapewear garments in its range that are suitable for wear when playing sport, e.g. sport shorts, t-shirts, (three-quarter) leggings and sport tops. Sportswear that stimulates blood circulation also enhances sport performance

and will contribute to better results. Moreover, the sportswear ensures that body contours are presented in the best way and that imperfections are corrected. The sportswear from Pin-Up Paris has an antibacterial effect (Q-Skin) that prevents unpleasant body odours. The material is treated with silver ions that are known to have an antibacterial effect. And regardless of whether you wear Pin-Up Paris during the fitness, during an informal group lesson, or when you play sport outdoors, the sportswear remains comfortable and looks great. You are full of self-confidence and look beautiful!

Sports Improved blood circulation when playing sport
The yarns that are used to manufacture the Pin-Up Paris clothing are renowned for effectively removing sweat. However, the Emana yarns offer more benefits when playing sport. Biocrystals that generate heat are woven into the yarns. This heat penetrates deep into the skin and improves blood circulation and cell structure, waste products are more easily removed and the body performs better. The likelihood of injury is also reduced and the body is less affected by muscles that quickly become fatigued as a result of lactic acid secretion. In other words, Pin-Up Paris sportswear ensures that muscles and the body can function optimally when playing sport. The sportswear can be washed in the normal manner. Even after being washed many times, the clothing still retains its properties.

Facts about the sportswear from Pin-Up Paris:
– 51% better thermoregulation
– 20% better results when playing sport (in 80% of the cases)
– 33% lactic acid decrease
– 90% better blood circulation
Properties of Pin-Up Paris sportswear:
– antibacterial effect
– comfortable and high-quality
– stays beautiful after being washed many times
– variety of sportswear items