Yarns technology: safe infrared rays for better blood circulation


yarns technology Yarns technology that form the DNA of the seamless, sexy ‘La Pin-Up de Paris’ underwear range contain unique, ceramic crystals. These crystals convert body heat into long-wave infrared rays that subcutaneously stimulate blood circulation. And this ensures that the cell structure is improved and that waste products and moisture are removed quicker! Moreover, the special yarns technology not only improves blood circulation, but also reduces the signs of cellulite, also referred to as orange peel skin.
Emana yarns technology
The garments from the Pin-Up Paris collection, such as tights and underwear, are seamlessly woven using a special, patented yarns technology. This ensures that the wearers do not experience any discomfort from unsightly seams. The seamless clothing is manufactured in every pattern and design and in every size or model using Raschel/Jacquard weaving machines that are equipped with double needles. Moreover, the unique composition of the yarns ensures that the Pin-Up Paris clothing range is very elastic; the clothing fits perfectly on the body and is barely visible when you wear it underneath other clothing.
yarns technology Development of technology for Emana yarns
The result of the unique yarns technology is optimal when the clothing is worn 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for a minimum of 30 days. The micro-crystals woven into the yarns are composed of ceramic, based on alumina, magnesium- and silicon oxide. This so-called bioceramic, derived from pure clay, is heated to 90
0°C, in order to produce a bioceramic powder. After cooling, the crystals are able to transmit infrared rays and reflect in order to improve the skin. During the manufacture of the yarns, the bioceramic powder is woven into the fibres of the yarns. Even after being washed many times, the clothing retains its properties, unlike many other clothing brands that claim to have a similar effect.
Yarns technology: safe infrared rays
Several investigations have revealed that infrared rays, generated by the micro-crystals of Emana yarns, penetrate the skin and heat the body tissues. It is not for nothing that the yarns were chosen as part of the Pin-Up Paris underwear that has to activate blood circulation and clothing with thermoregulation, as is the case with Pin-Up Paris sportswear. The yarns technology produces a temperature increase. Intercellular exchange is stimulated, toxins are removed and tissues no longer swell. Your skin not only looks better, you also lose centimetres from your body. Therefore, after wearing Pin-Up Paris garments manufactured from Emana yarns, including tights and other underwear, certain parts of the body, such as legs and buttocks are, on average, several centimetres firmer.
yarns technology Q-Skin Technology
The hypoallergenic silver ions of Q-Skin make all Pin-Up Paris articles anti-bacterial, and this prevents the bacteria that cause body odours from sticking to the clothing, so that the clothing stays fresh longer!
yarns technology Total Seamless Technology

In addition to the intelligent (Emana) yarns, this body is manufactured completely seamlessly using  T.S.T. (totally seamless technology), a top-quality technology that is unique worldwide, and that adds a new dimension to wearing comfort.